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Or last round of workshops was a success as the interest and engagement around end-of-life matters continues to increase. We discussed all areas of the funeral profession, end of life matters and provided a thorough presentation on Green Burial and other Eco-friendly options regarding cremation and burial.

NEXT WORKSHOP is Wednesday MAY 8th at 7:00pm @ 2960 W.4th Ave. Vancouver

For more information or to register for upcoming Workshops and Seminars please email or call 604-738-4200

Hope to meet you there.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE (a 3rd party opinion)

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Death Cafe's are increasing in popularity. Mainly due to the fact that it is an engaging, welcoming, no pressure way environment where attendees can either share, or just come to listen. These events are free and you are surrounded by others who have been touched by loss. Over a cup of Tea or Coffee, open sharing is encouraged as there is NO AGENDA and/or Schedule. Chances are good you will find the Death Cafe to be an informative, supportive, and interesting experience.

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