Our Staff

Our dedicated and supportive staff are here to guide you through this difficult journey. We take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met.

Godwyn Young

It was 2002 when Godwyn officially entered the funeral profession. After 3 years, in this rewarding career it became apparent that many people attending the services and celebrations were leaving more sad than when they arrived.

In 2005 he was introduced to the concept of Celebrant work. It was then that he seized the first opportunity to seek out the Celebrant training offered by the world renowned Insight Institute. He successfully completed the training in 2005 and has been offering Personalized Celebrant Services ever since.

He has officiated countless life tributes, celebrating people's lives from the ages of 2-102. Godwyn has a unique way of creating an environment that is conducive to comfort and healing by adding a very personal touch to each and every experience he has the honor to be a part of. Incorporated will be hugs, laughter, tears and reverance as we commemorate a special life.

Godwyn has worked in all levels of funeral service and displays a great deal of compassion and empathy, for that's what he was provided following a tragic loss in his life, It was that experience that encouraged him to enter the funeral profession. 

The whole experience through loss should make paramount, the significance of the deceased's life, their family and friends, and the memories that were left behind. Ultimately their Legacy! Being part of a commemorative experience should empower you to feel as though you have accomplished a step towards personal healing. You will walk away feeling truly cared for and that you truly honored your loved ones life.

Working side by side with the family and your chosen Funeral Professional, whether it is a Traditional Service or Non-Denominational Service, Godwyn's calm and engaging techniques bridge the gap between loss and the Celebration of Life.

In 2016, he and his family were struck with loss again. Cassius was is name! Each family member understandably very excited for his arrival. A new addition to the family! A 2nd Grandchild, what a blessing! There were complications and Cassius' tiny little heart and lungs were weak.

Planet earth may not have been ready for someone so magnificent. At 7 months gestation this little caterpillar left the cocoon, became a butterfly, and fluttered away. The following week brought great challenge for those left to mourn his absence. We planned and provided him a beautiful home-going ceremony. 

During his natural burial his great-grandmother began to sing an angelic hymn as we shared in closing his resting site.

It was in that moment we experienced, BLISS.