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Green/Natural burial is a growing request and consideration for many families. Although some prefer traditional forms of
burial, many people are moving towards environmentally friendly option for end of life matters while others will accept
nothing less.

At Bliss, everything we do and each service we provide takes into consideration our environmental footprint. We make
every effort to ensure we lessen our impact in a variety of ways. Because the eco-trend is on the incline, presently there
are limited options for green burial. However, this is bound to change as the requests and concerns of consumers are
being heard and provided.

In time, more and more cemeteries and crematoriums will be providing better eco-friendly/green options. Thus, the need
for “shades of green” considerations. As an example, the products offered can be fully green or biodegradable. Vehicles,
emissions, and other forms of services provided can all lessen the impact on the environment while maintaining
affordability for families.

Bliss provides biodegradable Caskets, Shrouds and Urns for those requesting cremation and/or earth burial.
Ultimately, we try to be as creative as possible within the present laws to ensure you receive the greenest possible
services. Leading the way in Full Green Burial options is the Royal Oak Burial Park. Bliss works closely with this
Cemetery to ensure that your Green requests are being provide.

Please find more information about this cemetery here. Through Bliss all arrangements will be made for a Full Green Burial in the Woodlands Section of the Royal Oak Burial Park.

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